TM3 Practice Software

We have been in the fore front of Practice technology from the beginning; in the early days we were one of the first practices to use computers.  We have been working very closely in the last few years with Blue Zinc on the development of their Practice software TM2 and subsequently TM3.  They have been a great company to work with,  They have now developed what we believe to be the best practice software  available.  Incredibly it continues to get better and better.  We now have fully computerised notes wherever possible, this not only saves on storage space but improves the overall efficiency of the practice.  We use TM2’s hosted service so all backing up and storage is done automatically offsite.  We now offer TM2 Online – allowing patients to check and book appointments online.  We are always happy yo talk to fellow practitioners and practice managers about the benefits of TM2.  For further information on TM3 visit If you wish to hear the clinic side of things please contact David Newman.

In 2016 we started getting involved with the development of TM3 Clinical Notes, initially in the Alpha testing process and then in to Beta.  We have now moved over  to the new system with our patients and could not be happier.  David even had a role in the launch of Clinical Notes with a short video on his experience of using Clinical Notes in Beta.

Hantscare Goes Paperless

On the 15th September 2007 we achieved our goal of going paperless – all new referrals if not received electronically are scanned and all notes, correspondence  etc are kept in the TM3 system.  We have an ongoing programme to scan in all our old written notes over the next year.  Whilst this has seen a significant change in the way we work the benefits are enormous.  Practice Principal David Newman said “I could not ever envisage returning to paper notes, the knowledge of knowing we have a safe secure system for storing notes is really important to me.  After our fire 2 years ago when we lost some old notes due to fire and water damage, it made me realise we had to make the final step to going paperless.  In the event of a major incident we could be up and running without any loss of patient information as soon as we had premises.”

We are pleased to announce that we are one of the first practices in the UK to be able to offer the latest TM3 Online booking system.   Patients now have an even better interface to use to book online appointments.  New patients can also register online and book appointments.  We are now also able to offer to Insurance companies and other referrers the ability to be able to book online as well.

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