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We are Moving

We are delighted to announce that we are moving to a new modern office in Grosvenor Square Southampton on Friday March 1st 2019. We look forward to greeting old and new clients in our new home.

David Appointed as Medical Services Manager to CWC19

Hantscare are pleased to announce that David has been appointed (part time) as Medical Services Manager to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, He will primarily oversee the provision of medical services to the players and officials in conjunction with the Tournament Chief Medical Officer and Director of Operations.

David said ” He was delighted to take up this exciting role working with the very dynamic CWC19 team at Lords.  It is going to be a challenge over the next 11 months balancing everything but the opportunity to be involved in such a prestigious event, particularly as it was in cricket, was impossible to turn down”

David will continue to see patients in Southampton with trips to Lords and the other 11 venues of the World Cup along with his role as Injury Surveillance Officer  for the ECB,

Paper accepted by BJSM

We were delighted to hear this week that the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) has accepted the consensus statement on cricket injuries that David has been working on for the last year or so with an international panel of doctors and physiotherapists.  This is an update on the original consensus statement that David worked on in 2005.  the paper ‘International consensus statement on injury surveillance in cricket: a 2016 update’, will be published later in the year.


David commented “this is a major update incorporating changes not only in the professional game but also in the recreational cricket.  It is no minor achievement to get 25 authors to agree let alone when the majority of the work has had to be done by email.  We owe a huge thanks to John Orchard who has lead this project from its inception 12 years ago. We are also indebted to South African Richard Stretch, who was a major driving force throughout this project up to his death last year.”

Hantscare Goes Paperless

PaperAt last we have achieved our goal of scanning all our paper notes into TM2, out patient software package.  It has been a long project but well worth the effort, no more mis-filing/lost notes etc.  We have also worked hard to reduce the paper we produce so now the vast majority of our invoices reports etc are in electronic format.   Moving our accounts to Xero has made this really easy.

Hantscare sponsors OT and Romsey Cricket Club

Hantscare is delighted to be sponsoring OT and Romsey Cricket Club.  We are helping them in developing and promoting their T20 matches to become a great family occasion.  Games include the first team in the Southern League T20, the U19’s in the ECB U19 T20 Competition as well as the Terry Trod Memorial Game on the 21st June.  Everyone is welcome, as well as some great cricket, enjoy the BBQ and the music!